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About Us

Who is Twin Cities Adventure Riders?


· A group of like minded adventure riders that enjoy getting together to enjoy the comradery that comes with the sport. 

· A great place to get connected with others that like adventure riding

· A resource for the sport and a porthole to tap into for information

Twin Cities Adventure Riders LLC is an informal group that gets together to for events and rides. Our group ranges from newbies who are just getting into the sport to experienced riders

Even though you will find a vast amount of knowledge in the group, we don’t offer training and are not affiliated with any for profit organization. 

Past Rides & Get Togethers


Our rides range from an evening get together for dinner to multi-day rides

Ride Routes & Map Sources


Here you will find our previous ride routes and other route resources



This resource page is full of valuable information and links to help riders find parts, tips and solutions. This page will continually evolve.

Upcoming Adventure & Dual Sport Events


Along with our get-togethers, you will find other local and nation events

Clubs & Groups


This is a list of clubs & groups engaged in adventure and dual sport riding

Adventure Tours

This is a list with links to adventure tours though out the world. From local to far away places

This is a list of tours and adventures found throughout the world. From local to far away places

Rider Responsibilites & Safety

With TCAR, Rider Safety is a Priority

Everyone joining a ride must know and agree with the terms of the rider responsibilities. Follow this link for more information.